Fluctuations of pressure, vibration, transients and water hammer effect inevitably arising during pipeline operation contribute to pipe fatigue, accelerate corrosion processes and may lead to emergency shutdown.

Experience shows that pipeline collapse is caused by:

  • 60% Fluctuations of pressure, vibration and water hammer effect
  • 25% corrosion processes
  • 15 % natural phenomena and force majeure

Among all hydrodynamic processes water hammer effect is the most destructive. It can cause raptures of the most vulnerable pipeline sections, which cannot cope with dynamic load of the pressure surge. 

Ways to eliminate water hammer and vibration:

  • Systems with Damping Elements
  • External chambers with resilient damping elements
  • Pressure Accumulators

Automated Systems:

  • Pressure sensors and external control systems
  • Heating elements producing vapor fractions

Pressure Autostabilization  :

  • Systems with auto-stabilization effect

Unique features of autostabilizer

  • Unlimited range of damped frequencies
  • Pressure stabilization is ensured regardless of temperature changes of the working medium and ambient temperature
  • Virtually instant response
  • No additional flow resistance
  • Self-contained construction requires neither tuning nor maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly