«TechPromArma» is a Russian innovation company specializing in design and fabrication of passive safety systems for pipelines and equipment.


Ensuring uninterrupted operation of pipeline systems and equipment along with extending service life of existing assets and facilities is an effective approach toward preservation of natural resources. At the same time companies can save resources spent on dealing with consequences of accidental releases of hazardous material due to equipment failure and/or collapse.


«TechPromArma» provides solutions helping to achieve these goals and therefore its priority is to conform to the highest international standards in terms of business sustainability, customer relationships as well as corporate governance.


«TechPromArma» takes corporate social responsibility and responsibility toward its business partners and employees very seriously.


Motto of «TechPromArma»: «Confidence in Safety»


Strategic aim of «TechPromArma» in terms of quality assurance:


Continual quality improvement and conformity to environmental, nuclear and radiation safety requirements.


Implementation of quality policy:


·      Commitment to quality assurance;

·      Personal responsibility of executive management and the staff for specific activities which may affect product quality;

·      Continual improvement of existing management system and production process;

·      Improvement of competency and training programs for employees of all levels.



Ways to achieve quality objectives:


We furnish the company with reliable and up-to-date equipment, apply effective and safe technologies, and develop new markets both domestically and abroad. We come up with new approaches toward social responsibility and we are geared to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Innovations, people and knowledge are the foundations of any successful business. We hope that proper investment into these areas will allow «TechPromArma» to become a leader in the international market of innovative passive safety systems for pipelines and equipment.


Top management of «TechPromArma» takes full responsibility to implement this policy and to engage its staff and business partners.