Whereas all existing pressure regulators rely on mechanics our autostabilizer is based on wave interference concept. Pressure wave /vibration cancellation is achieved using an inverted-phase pressure wave of the same amplitude. In our system instead of a membrane or diaphragm we use the energy impulse per ce!

Self-contained construction helps to improve performance and keep maintenance costs low. Pressure stabilization is ensured regardless of temperature changes of the working medium and ambient temperature.

New modification of PAs – pressure autostabilizer DU.

Wide range of specifications:

  • Diameter range 10 - 1400 mm. (0.4”-5.5”)
  • Nominal pressure  - up to 25,0 mPa (250 bar, 3626 psig)
  • Working temperature - up to 525 °С (977°F)
  • Body material is analogous to pipeline alloy

On client’s request upper limits of diameter, pressure and temperature parameters can be increased by selection of materials.

Our specialists will compile technical and commercial proposal to meet your specific needs and preferences. You must fill out our Order Form and email it  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Manufacturer’s warranty  - 36 months since installation

Service life – 30 years

Return on investment within several months!

Саtalogue Pressure Autostabilizer

Brochure Pressure Autostabilizer