Autostabilizer is a pipe insert. During steady state operation the process medium (liquid, gas or mixture of both) from the pipeline fills all chambers. Pressure in all chambers is the same and equals to the pressure in the pipeline.

 If a transient event occurs, a wave (of any phase and amplitude) propagates through the holes into the small expansion chamber and the associated compartment of the damping chamber.  This alters the pressure of the process medium in that part of the damping chamber displacing the piston.  The same wave (with minimum delay in time) travels through the big expansion chamber into the other compartment of the damping chamber pushing the piston in the opposite direction.

Thus, moving the piston alternatively in both directions, pressure impulse damps the pressure wave initiated by the transient event. PA design enables to split pressure waves, reversing and redirecting pressure impulse to collide with itself. Two pressure waves of opposite phases cancel each other out.

As a result PA performance is not dependent on magnitude and frequency of input pressure pulse, i.e. no matter how big the pressure surge is - it will be neutralized by an inverted phase pressure wave impulse of the same amplitude.

PA design has no resilient damping elements. Therefore PA is a self-contained construction requiring neither maintenance nor replacement of spare parts. PA does not create flow resistance and can handle all process media in which transients can occur, including two-phase flow circuits.